My Letter to My MLA

There are some things I can do regarding my disgust at the political situation that we find ourselves in, first is write to my representative, second is donate to Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms. I’ve now done both. My representatives statement regarding segregation based on the (protected, I might add) vaccination status of an individual is found at the end, here.


You know that I know that covid is a real illness with potentially lethal consequences. My dad and my sister both passed away this year from the disease. None-the-less, your statement that I received from your office merits direct criticism. 

“Few Albertans want these restrictions”

Albertans don’t want these restrictions because under current law they are illegal. In Canada there is a Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I read it, it’s short. And I only have to read as far as the second sentence to find ways your government is acting illegally. This charter is a foundation for decision making in Canada ESPECIALLY in an emergency, that’s what it was designed for. If the charter can be thrown out any time the government (unilaterally) decides there is an emergency it’s the same as though it didn’t exist.  

“No Albertan wants to see our family members without healthcare because the system cannot cope”

What is really exacerbating the situation is people like you playing politics with medicine. When my dad was admitted to hospital he was isolated from friends and family because of his diagnosis, yet he was also ignored by the doctors and nurses as a result of his diagnosis. During his first week in the hospital he received no attention beyond what he would have received had he stayed at home. What you have done through politics is create a healthcare system that discriminates most against the very people that need your help. 

Dina Hinshaw, Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer announced in August that COVID was endemic, not pandemic, if this is the case, why is your government not working to expand health care services to meet the demand? I mean it’s only been 20 months of COVID, surely you could have gotten something off the ground in that time frame.

“COVID-19 vaccine provides extraordinary protection against hospitalizations and death”

I’ve seen Alberta’s propaganda regarding the vaccine, it is stated to be ‘Safe and Effective’. On what basis? 

If the vaccine is effective why is our prime minister saying that the unvaccinated are a risk to the vaccinated?

In 2011 a case went to the US Supreme Court (Bruesewitz versus Wyeth) which concluded ‘vaccines are unavoidably unsafe’. Think about those words together. I know that case wasn’t about the the new coronavirus vaccines but according to the publicly available data from the US run Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting database, if we look at the incidence of death from vaccine from 1990-2020 and we look and the incidence of death from 2021, the number from 2021 is bigger.  

Number of Deaths Since 1990.

In the US Attorney Thomas Renz received data from their medicare tracking system representing less than 20% of Americans and found that 48,465 people have died from the covid vaccines within 14 days of receiving them. 

But I want to give you the benefit of the doubt, let’s pretend all this data is bullsh*t. I still haven’t seen your government clarify what it means to be unvaccinated. Who are these terrible people who are crushing our healthcare system? Are the people who have received no dose? One dose? Two doses, but the two weeks haven’t yet passed? 

You gravely underestimate the intelligence of your constituents.

I am not vaccinated, I will not vaccinate. I have spent the last eight years of my life struggling with an autoimmune disorder and have spent the last year unable to work because of massive inflammation. I’m finally getting better. My doctor confirms that vaccines are designed to provoke the autoimmune system to create massive amounts of inflammation, thats how they force the body to create the desired antibodies. I am not jeopardizing what the health I have worked for a year to gain because all of a sudden politicians think they’re doctors.

None-the-less, where rubber really hits the road for me is, will I, an unvaccinated individual for medical reasons, be able to spend this Christmas with my family? With vaccine mandates continuing to gain steam and Charter Rights and Freedoms up in the air. I am not sure what to expect.

But I will tell you what you can expect: I am going to be donating my hard earned money institutions like the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms so they can sue your government for the harms you’re subjecting Albertans to.


P.s. Up until 2020 it was my understanding that medicine recognized that there were some people who could not vaccinate, and other people were to vaccinate to protect themselves and those who couldn’t. What’s happened? 

Dan Williams Statement

“Yesterday, the provincial government announced the introduction of the Restriction Exemption Programme- effectively a “passport” with a mandatory proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test to access a variety of social and recreational events and businesses throughout the province (details can be found here.)

COVID-19 is real and is a very real threat to many Albertans. In my communities, I’ve met many families who have family members in hospital or who have passed recently from the virus. Now, this wave is creating an overwhelming burden on our system. No Albertan wants to see our family members without healthcare because the system cannot cope. 

I also believe that the COVID-19 vaccine provides extraordinary protection against hospitalizations and death from COVID-19, particularly for Albertans who are vulnerable to this horrific disease because of their underlying health conditions or their age. Every eligible Albertan must weigh the risks and benefits of the vaccine for themselves. If you haven’t taken the vaccine, please speak to your doctor and seriously consider how this vaccine can protect you and your family from a tragic end.

However, I also believe that taking this vaccine must be voluntary. Throughout this pandemic, I have consistently been against mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports implemented by any government. While I hope that it will reduce the spread of the virus, I do not believe the Restriction Exemption Programme will be effective in protecting our healthcare system from the current wave and pressure of COVID-19, which should be the top priority for all Albertans. 

I will continue to do my job as a member of the United Conservative Caucus and a Government MLA and advocate to the Premier and Cabinet for my constituents and for the best interest of Alberta. Few Albertans want these restrictions. It is unfortunate that we find ourselves in this position today.

I pray for the health of everyone with COVID-19, that the government will remove these restrictions as soon as safely possible, and that Albertans do all they can to reduce the spread of this disease.”

Dan Williams

MLA Peace River

By Jaime

Happily married and proud father, most often found in Málaga, Spain.