My Health, Carnivore and Coffee

I promised to write here about my health, so here goes.

First, Coffee.

Coffee is a liar, he tells you you have energy you really don’t. Just like credit cards are liars and tell you you have money that you don’t. If you’re a scrupulous money manager with a healthy balance you can definitely handle using a credit card, but if your balance is razor thin you can quickly get into trouble.

The same thing happens for me with coffee. If I spend coffee energy, I actually have no real energy to back that spending up with. The result is suffering.

I like coffee, I have more than 4 different coffee makers at home and have been perfecting the art of roasting coffee at home (hint: gourmet coffee is way cheaper if you do the roasting at home). None-the-less, I have given it up.

Second, My Health.

In 2012 I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Which is frustrating because there is no recognized cure.

This year I did some new diagnostics and have a pretty good clue that I do have a chronic mercury toxicity, a condition which can provoke Crohn’s disease. Mercury toxicity has a cure. This is obviously exciting information for me.

The thing is that mercury is the most poisonous non-radioactive substance on the planet and needs to be handled with care. The protocols for eliminating it are precise and work over months, if not years.

I’ve had a real set-back. I’ve lost ~8kg in weight and struggle to keep the number of trips to the bathroom down. I think, I really don’t know, that it’s a confluence of things that happened all at once.

First, I started a more powerful chelator too soon, a novice counting error on my part. Second, while I never got tested, everyone else in my family got covid, I probably did too. Third, the first chelator I used is prone to causing yeast infections, my gastroenterologist confirmed I had one of those. Fourth, in chelation there is a lesser known concept referred to as ‘the dump phase’, when you start eliminating extra-cellular mercury the cells in your body will start releasing intra-cellular mercury to maintain balance.

In general, I feel poisoned most of the time and following a ketovore diet keeps the yeast infection in check, but it’s hard to maintain with all the delicious summer fruit coming out. Zero-carb is hard.

Lastly, Carnivore.

In 2020 I was having problems with my iron levels and a nutritionist on youtube I respect suggested that a few weeks of carnivore diet could be helpful. I had heard of carnivore diet but didn’t have much clue as to what specifically it entailed. So I did what I often do and bought a book on the subject.

Dr. Paul Saladino’s The Carnivore Code really changed my perspective on the foods I ate and since May 2021 I have been eating an animal-based diet (more than 50% of calories from animal source).

It’s been no silver bullet.

Why do I still do it a year later? I am convinced that animal sourced foods are the ones that cause the least amount of bad reactions in my body. I am also convinced that the best to regain the 22kg of body mass that I lost is going to be with animal protein. It is the best assimilated.

By Jaime

Happily married and proud father, most often found in Málaga, Spain.