Thoughts on Veganism

First though, I found my pocket knife again. It was hiding behind my daughters bed. Probably fell out when trying to get her down for a nap one day. It seems to find what’s lost I constantly need to give up on thinking it’s mine…

Anyway, veganism is supposedly a philosophy to do the least amount of animal harm. Aren’t people animals? At a bare minimum? I’ve heard that research indicates (this post is more opinion than research) that in poverty stricken children in Africa, adding milk to their diet increases sociability and adding meat to the diet increases leadership ability. Other research indicates that vegan children are typically 5cm shorter than non-vegan counter parts. There is nutrition that humans need from animal foods that you don’t get from plants, not just B12, but iron, carnitine, creatine, choline and others.

Secondly, what about our pets? Our cats and dogs? They eat meat. I’ve seen it stated that 25% of meat produced goes to pet food. Are we going to raise animals for our pets and deny ourselves that nutrition?

Anyway, I sometimes don’t know what to be against. There is a lot of plant food that tastes really good. But veganism is a bad idea, and so to avoid support of the vegan agenda, I add lard to as many foods as I can and seek out leather and fur products whenever I can see a need.

Circle of life people. Animal husbandry is a key factor in what brought the human race to where we are now.

By Jaime

Happily married and proud father, most often found in Málaga, Spain.

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