I Don’t Drink Coffee Everyday

Really, I don’t. Just weekends, holidays, wednesdays and any other day I feel like it.


More About Things I Wouldn’t Change

I lost my leatherman knife, and then I found it again, then I lost it again. This time it’s been a few weeks. I don’t think he’s coming back.

Which means I had to reflect on how serious I was about what I said. Turns out that while other models are alluring, I think I want to stick with the model I had. I just don’t have permission to buy a replacement because my birthday is soon.

P.s. Pact ( is the best and I do not contemplate buying any other variety.



As pedantic as I can be, I am not a good nitpicker. When there are actual nits to picker, you need a good nitpicker. Being called a nitpicker should be a neutral thing and to be a good nitpicker should be a source of pride.

Anyway, I had some nits, but I found a good nitpicker and now I’m going on a trip.


EU Bans Fossil Fuel Cars

I am just not convinced that these policies will improve ‘the climate’ or make peoples lives better. In 2035 I am still certain that a significant portion of people will be better served by internal combustion engines.


Welcome 2023

I just realized I don’t feel like I’ve fully processed 2020 and none-the-less 2023 is here. AND we have a newborn in the house, I don’t expect to have a lot time to process over the next week. The last two years have brought so much joy and so much sorrow. And as much grief as each day has brought the time has flown by. But I’m praying for a more tempered 2023.


Flirc Skip 1s

I don’t, as a rule, spend money on kickstarter, I got burned for $400 in the past. However I own products from this company already, and I am super excited about this.

I like that it has no bluetooth or wifi and that I theoretically can program it to work with my HTPC, speakers, bluray player and TV. My March 2023 delivery date can’t come soon enough.


6 Years Ago Today

Myself at the altar receiving Carol from my father-in-law.

I followed through on the best decision I ever made and I am so glad that Mom, Dad, Josh, Rudy, Andy, yes, my wife and all her family and all the other guests were there to celebrate with us.


Why I Like ‘Finding Nemo’

More specifically, my daughter loves Finding Nemo. But it’s a good story and after reading John Elderedge’s Wild at Heart. I understand that it’s a great story about a dad finding his masculinity and sharing it with his boy. There aren’t nearly enough stories about dad’s becoming men.


I Turned off Search Suggestions

And I know realize just how manipulative they are. I feel like a more centered human formulating my own question each time.


Please Use Cash

With so much news about Ukraine, inflation, massive government spending and exploding deficits, it’s easy to overlook the ongoing war on cash. That’s a mistake because it has serious implications not only for your money, but for your privacy and personal freedom

The War on Cash Entering Bold New Phase

Do you want to be able to stuff a $20 bill into a birthday card? Give a homeless person a buck so they can go buy coffee? Do you really want the government to have access to every, single transaction you make? Regardless of how legitimate or illegitimate it is? Fight for cash, do so by using cash.