Tesla Owner Decides to Blow Up Car Rather Than Pay For 20,000€ Battery Replacement

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I confess, I was a fan of electric vehicles, I thought they were the best for the environment but I since have developed gave doubts.

The giant battery packs are completely unrecyclable and environmentally toxic. The battery packs are exclusively manufactured in China, a nation I want to support less and less. The materials required to build the battery packs are mined by minors in poor African countries and is a very contaminating process.

Honestly the only ‘green’ transportation in existence, in my opinion, are feet and boring old bicycles.


Further proof climate change is about global control and not the environment

switching coal-fuelled electricity plants to natural gas cuts their CO2 emissions in half, exporting Canadian liquefied natural gas (LNG) to displace coal in other countries would both benefit our nation’s economy and reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. Further, because converting gasoline and diesel-fuelled vehicles and ships to natural gas cuts emissions by 25 per cent